Monday, February 01, 2010

28 Days LOL-ter: A Horrible Name for a Lame-Ass Gimmick

Has it really been ten months since I could be bothered to post? It seems much, much longer.

Anyway, I'm trying to get my lazy ass to do more blogging - not because I really have all that much that's interesting to say, mind you; it's more of a "stop watching so much damned TV and write, idiot!" kind of thing, really - but, just like real writing, this blogging shit takes practice. It's kind of work-ish, which, seeing as I have a day job and all, isn't as appealing as it sounds. So, in an effort to fool my stupid brain, I'm going to ease my way back into this blogging thing with a dumb gimmick.

And it is thus: 28 Days LOL-ter.

For the month of February, 2010, I shall be posting a new (to you, at least) LOL pic, created by yours truly, and brought to by the fine folks at The Cheezburger Network.

Oh, yes. 28 days of LOLs. Created by me. I even made a label for it on the blog and everything - that's just how dead fucking serious I am about silly pictures with inane captions.

Let the internets quake with anticipation. Or revulsion. I'm not particular.

So, without further ado - LOL!

(This is an old one - might be a little more than a year old. It never got a lot of looks over at Pundit Kitchen, which is a shame, because this is one of my favorites. Heathens.)

Day 1 - [brushes hands] - in the books.

Hopefully, this dumb gimmick will trick my stupid brain into thinking of this blogging stuff as more hobby than work, and I'll do more stuff than just this dumb gimmick. I'm pretty sure I'll at least get back into the Friday Random Ten, which is mindless fun. Who knows? Maybe other, more substantial stuff, as well.

Wouldn't that be swell?

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