Tuesday, February 02, 2010

28 Days LOL-ter: Day 2

The dumb gimmick continues, with the marriage of a recent pop-culture meme... and English choadery!


Notes from Limboland's 28 Days LOL-ter: Day 2: Lookin like a fool

Pick up your pants, boy! And comb your fucking hair once in a while. Douche.

I don't get the appeal of Pattinson. I just don't. Look at any picture of that fey English wanker, with his teased up hair and doped-out glazed eyes, and tell me that's not 21st-century update of the hair metal look. Only he really feels your pain.

Gah. You kids get off my lawn.

Coming tomorrow: Sino-democractic institutions, circa 1987.


Anonymous said...

You're just jealous because he made the cover of Non Threatening Boys Magazine instead of you.

JP said...

No, I'm jealous because he's a choad and makes a metric assload of money for being a choad.

Okay, okay: and also for making the cover of NTBM. I worked so hard on that photo shoot, dammit! The cover should have been mine!