Monday, February 08, 2010

28 Days LOL-ter - Day 8: The Return

Did you know that I was taking the weekend off? Yeah, neither did I. Lame. I blame my sick child, because I'm just that kind of an asshole.

Anyway, that means I've got four - count 'em, four - LOLs to make up to get back on track with this ridiculous gimmick. How will he do it? you' may be wondering. Oh, my sweet, wayward, utterly disloyal children. Doubt not, for my will is strong.

And my backlog of crappy LOLs is long.

But let's start off with new material, shall we?

28 Days LOL-ter - Day 5: Wrapped up like a douche

In honor of the recently concluded teabagging tea party convention...

moar funny pictures

Dopey and Crazy, two of the leading cheerleaders for the angry, selfish, horribly deluded teabaggers. God bless 'em, because I sure as hell ain't going to.

28 Days LOL-ter - Day 6: It's your loveable furry old pal

Latest Republican  healthcare reform proposal
moar funny pictures

Aw, who the hell am I kidding? Like they've come up with anything half as good.

28 Days LOL-ter - Day 7: I swear, this is not racist

big pimpin  ur doin it white
moar funny pictures

And it's not racist because I say it's not, and that's all that matters for the internets.

28 Days LOL-ter - Day 8: For The Wife

Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

moar funny pictures

And that should be enough LOLage for one evening. Please bus your tables.

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