Friday, January 18, 2008

I can has NY dstryng mnstr? K thx!

I will be seeing Cloverfield tonight. I am expecting awesome. I am, in fact, expecting a whole heaping plate of awesome. Perhaps, if I'm lucky, with a side order of tasty goodness. And ketchup. Because I like ketchup.

So, to recap for all zero people who read this blog who are not currently typing this blog post: I'm going to see Cloverfield tonight. With my wife. Who is possibly more excited about it than I am. Of course, this will be the first movie she's seen in a theatre since our daughter was born, lo these 13 months ago; but who's counting?

(Aside: I think the only reason I'm writing this is because I left a comment on Scalzi's blog today, and actually entered this blog's url in the "website" field on the comment box. On the off chance that my stupid, two-line comment - a straight rip-off of a Nelson Muntz quote from one of my favorite Simpons episodes - really resonated with some of his readership, and they clicked over here, I wanted something from the last year to be at the top of the page. Not, you know, a post from 2006. Then I'd just be a lame-o.)

(Aside to the aside: I just wrote "lame-o". Wow. I'm more tired than I thought.)