Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Random Ten: "Quack Me Up Before You Quack-Quack" Edition

The quacking has resumed. For most of the week, there was no quacking, as the president of my organization was out of the office. Until today, that is. She's back, with her infernal laptop, and the damnable quack quack quack has, much to my dismay, re-entered my work life.

So: what to do? I know! Let's FRT - quack-style!

Quack. "Such Great Quacks" - Iron & Wine
Quack. "Quackless" - Soul Coughing
Quack. "Tired of Quack" - Weezer
Quack. "Window Quacks" - Band of Horses
Quack. "What A Good Quack" - Barenaked Ladies
Quack. "Motion Picture Soundquack" - Radiohead
Quack. "You Can Do Better Than Quack" - Death Cab for Cutie
Quack. "Street Quack (Fade Out)" - Radiohead
Quack. "Viva la Quack" - Coldplay
Quack. "Dickquack" - Kate Nash

My my: what a quacking list. But what's the bonus quack?

Extra Quack. "U-Quack" - Pixies

Brilliant. I went to school near U-Quack, so this song is near-and-dear ("In the sleepy West / of the woody East / lives a Valley full / full of Pioneer...")

(But sweet merciful Daffy, they got old and fat, didn't they? Yowza.)

Until next time, kids: keep your feet on the quack, but keep reaching for the quacks.

God help me.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but am I really the first to tell you that you've quacked up?