Thursday, February 26, 2009

Annoyances in the Workplace: Part X of Eleventy-Billion and Y

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Someone in my office - someone of questionable intelligence and/or sanity - has the ring tone on their cellphone set to that of a duck's quack. I shit you not: it is, literally, the sound of a duck quacking. No music, jingle-jangle or anything else. Simply this:

quack quack quack. quack quack quack.

I just noticed it today, though I think it's been subconsciously plaguing me for a few days. And whoever this person is - if I knew who it was, likely their precious mobile would be sitting at the bottom of the river that runs by my building - gets an absurd amount of phone calls. I've counted eight since I first noticed it, shortly after lunch today.

Fucking quacking as your goddamn ring tone. Seriously.

I need to invest in some good headphones.

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