Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Random Ten: The Return of a Great Idea, Ruthlessly Stolen from Other, Better Bloggers

Oh yeah. I'm all about the pithy titles.

So, Amanda over at Pandagon, who's much cooler than me (a fact which is consistently reflected in the music she listens to), has taken to doing the FRT with the new Genius function in iTunes. I'd do that, but apparently the Genius function only works for the music library on your computer, not on any iPod you might have hooked up to said computer. I'm at work, so I don't put a ton of music on my work box, preferring to listen to music from my iPod through iTunes. So: no Genius for you!

Anyway, my Friday Random Ten:

1. Silversun Pickups -- "Lazy Eye"
2. Muse -- "Assassin"
3. Death Cab for Cutie -- "Passenger Seat"
4. Ben Folds Five -- "Smoke"
5. Nick Drake -- "One of These Things First"
6. Pixies -- "Gouge Away"
7. Jimmy Eat World -- "Work"
8. Bjork -- "All is Full of Love"
9. Coldplay -- "Spies"
10. Weezer -- "Buddy Holly"

And... bonus track FTW!:

11. Elbow -- "Snooks"

Okay, Elbow's not really full of Win, but... look! Shiny!

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