Monday, February 25, 2008

There's something wrong with my pants

Friends, I give you the single-most brilliant thing I've evar found on teh Intarwebs (in the past five minutes):

Garfield... minus Garfield.

I loved Garfield when I was a kid - I got something like the first 20 collections through the Scholastic Book Club; sad, but true. However, Garfield lost its luster for me when I hit my teens and discovered the pure hawesome that was Bloom County.

This, however... if Jim Davis actually started doing Garfield like this, there'd be reason for me to read the funny pages again. It'd be the mother of all eff-you retcons, a kind of post-modern "and then I woke up."

But funny!

Hat tip: Scalzi Whateverettes.

1 comment:

L. said...

Oh, the Garfield thing is really upsetting. Really. Really.

The Wife has moved now, btw. The link is in my name. ;)